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  • In His infinite wisdom
    Offered His Son
    God; in His infinite wisdom and knowledge, offered His Son, .
    Jesus Christ as the sacrificial lamb for mankind’s redemption and salvation
    Prophet Emmanuel and Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa annually hosts the Passover Conference
  • Transforming Lives
    Restoring Hope
    The fact that we as humans cannot create life is a sure sign that there is an authority.
    bigger and stronger than us – God.He is the beginning, He is the end.
    He is creator of life; He alone can control it. Place your Hope in Him.
  • total surrender
    to God
    The fact that we as humans cannot create life is a sure sign that there is an authority; bigger
    and stronger than us – God. He loved us before we loved Him. He knew us before we were
    formed in our mothers’ wombs


Easter Passover Conference

14-16 April 2017

Blessing Covenant Prayer

In all the recorded covenants between man and God in the Bible, man would erect altars unto God; who in honour of the covenant released a blessing upon the man...

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Lets Pray for 2017

Every December, people around the world celebrate the Christmas holiday season by celebrating the birth of Christ and sending greetings to family and friends.

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Blessed Covenant Week

Covenants between God and man have been established since the beginning of time. His great, unwavering love and His desire to be in union with His creation constantly...

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Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa

Endowed by God with an outstanding level of anointing, grace and excellence which consistently sell out the uniqueness of their God-given assignment, Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa are God’s love personified.Against all odds, Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa; the founders and the visionaries of the United Family International Ministries, remained true to their calling and their lives; which remain an inspiration millions of people, are an undeniable living testimony of the life-transforming power of God.

Positively impacting lives through mind-blowing biblical revelations, notable supernatural manifestations of the power of God and profound spiritual insight through their prophetic office; Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa’s God-ordained ministry has accorded them acceptance and recognition as true servants of God internationally. Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa are heavily engaged in humanitarian works which have immensely transformed communities and hundreds of thousands of people in their home country, Zimbabwe.

They are blessed with five wonderful children

Emmanuel & Ruth Makandiwa

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